About Express Trailer, Inc.

Your Full-Service Storage Specialist

Express Trailer has been providing storage trailer rentals to the businesses and individuals in the Chicago area for over 25 years. We offer full service rentals designed to meet your needs. You will find a variety of equipment types available at the most competitive rates in Chicagoland.

When you rent from Express Trailer, you are billed per calendar month, twelve times per year. Many of our competitor’s standard billing cycle is per 4-weeks, which means you pay thirteen invoices per year. We also prorate down to the day after the first month.

There are financial benefits of renting trailers versus purchasing trailers. Renting is convenient and improves cash management as there is no down payment. Terms of the lease are designed to meet your needs. Without the down payment and incidental costs associated with purchasing, you can utilize your cash for more profitable purposes. Renting will compliment your credit line and will also help protect the financial structure of your business-making it stronger.

Our knowledgeable staff believes in giving the best service to our customers, offering advice on the best solutions for all your needs. Express Trailer became what it is today because of the loyalty and dedication of our staff and these qualities will lead us into the future.

Over the years, our customers have come to prefer our services because of our:

  • Fast response to inquiries
  • On-time deliveries on the promised date and time
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Fully secure storage yard
  • Competitive pricing on storage trailer rentals

To learn more about Express Trailer, Inc. or to request a quote on our services, contact us by calling (847) 488-0079.